NAMIWalks 2018 Planning Team

Join our NAMIWalks 2018 Planning team!
NAMIWalks is THE major fundraising event for NAMI New Mexico and helps fund affiliate training and programs throughout the year.
The New Mexico community is very generous. Be part of the NAMI Team that has set a goal of raising $135,000 for NAMIWalks 2018. Your labor of love will help raise awareness of behavioral health issues in New Mexico and help NAMI affiliates raise money to fund programs in the state.

We meet twice monthly until February 2018 and then weekly until May 2018.  Our meetings will be in the evening so that you can schedule around your work.

We are looking to fill some of the positions described below. Know someone with these skill sets? Forward this message to them.

FAMILY TEAM CHAIR – Commit to building the biggest and best team possible and agree to serving as an example for all other Team Captains to follow.

BUSINESS TEAM CHAIR – Looking for a mover-and-shaker in the Business community.  This candidate knows the business community and helps to build awareness of NAMI’s mission with business counter-parts.

MARKETING & PUBLICITY CHAIR – Do you have contacts with the Media? We are looking to find print, radio and television support of our cause. Your contacts with the media can inch us closer to making that a reality.

CORE TEAM – Not interested in any of the roles above.  Join the CORE team and meet with us twice a month to work out the details of this major event

Join our Core Team HERE.